The first version of Perl was created by Larry Wall in 1987, and currently Perl is on 5.34.1 version. The language combines the best features of sed, C, awk, Bourne Shell, Lisp, Smalltalk and English language have to offer. Perl is a dynamic, objected-oriented, and interpreter based programming language. The language is open-sourced, easy to use and efficient in text-manipulation. The drawbacks are that many times a result can be found by different ways, which makes the code unreadable and untidy. When changes are made the program runs slower and program needs to be interpreted again.

Code Example

#!/user/bin/perl   # Path to perl binary file on server

print "Hello, World\n";

$mytext = "Hello, World again!\n"; # A string assignment
print $mytext;
$num = 21; # A integer assignment
print "The number is $num\n";